My name is Tayne Burris. I was born August 3, 1990 and on that day I was given the gift of a family who adored technology and games. The first video game I ever played was called Hunt The Wumpus.  The game was designed in the early 70’s. As soon as it was released my grandfather started modifying a version of it on his TI graphing calculator. Upon playing it I fell in love with video games and how the are created. I moved from system to system till I found PC games.

I looked constantly on how to extend, modify, and even make the games better. I always wanted the game to be better, faster, and longer. After constantly looking for ways to extend the entertainment value of my games I discovered I needed to learn how to code them. With that said I made a plan, when I reached high school I immediately looked for a programming class. While I was studying several programming languages I fell in love with how programs and computers work to communicate with one another. This drove me to see if it was possible to instead of modifying existing game to go a step farther and create my own games. I soon had my answer, after asking m professors and a little research on my own I came across a free program called Game Maker by Yoyo Games. This IDE gave me the passion and drive to design games, and levels that my peers could play. I spent several hours a day at the local library studying GML and everything related to Game maker. With all the knowledge I had gathered thus far it still seemed lacking I craved more. After graduation from high school, I decided to take on a college class load with a focus on game design. This is what brought me to IADT Online (Now known as Sanford Brown Online).

While at IADT Online I was taught how to use programs like Flash Builder and and the Autodesk Suite. While using these programs I found a passion for creating 3D models as I took to creating them like a fish to water. One of my proudest moment was when I received a message from my professor stating that My project was the best he had ever seen at the present stage of class.

After several more classes I was brought into using UDK which is another IDE however this one differs in many respects from Game maker. One of the biggest is that it was a fully interactive game designer. This program gave me the passion and drive to create production level 3D realms for the player to explore.

As I look forward I see myself working in a company creating levels and props for all kinds of games. My dream job of course is to work on a team of 3d prop designers and to constantly be challenged to do better. I crave challenges and always strive to be and do more.